Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone


Here is the Manley Reference Cardioid, an all tube condenser microphone, designed to be the successor of the ultra rare U47. It recreates the same smooth, clear and thick sound of the U47 but with all of the advantages of a modern build. The RefCard (as it’s often referred to)…
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What Audio Cable Is Best?

What Audio Cable Is Best

In this article we explain how to choose the best audio cable, what’s the difference between one and the other and a bit of history behind each of them. Understanding audio cables can have a great impact on your sound. Related Videos: How to build your own professional cables:…
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Best PC For Audio In 2016


What’s the best PC for Audio in 2016? This one. Here are all the specs and a video of its inside. This PC has been optimised to work with modern DAW like Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio and tested for audio streaming compatibility with different external audio…
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Old School Vinyl DJ Transitions

Old School Turntable Transitions

Here are 4 classic turntable techniques used by the great DJs in the non-house genres: Jump Cut, Stop & Go, Delay & Change, Reverse Dub & go. These transitions are used by famous DJs and they are coming back with a vengeance, as the vinyl record is coming back into fashion. Watch…
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How To Recreate The Game Of Thrones Theme


Here’s how to recreate the Game Of Thrones Main Title using just Cubase and soft Synths. Watch the Doctor Mix in action producing and orchestrating the iconic title track from the TV series in only 20 minutes.   TRY DOCTOR MIX NOW LET’S DO IT!


Note To Frequency Chart


Here’s a very useful chart to help you mix in relation to the song’s key. The tonal centre of a track  is an important element to keep in mind especially when treating the bass in your mix. With this table you can associate musical notes to their fundamental frequency, across the full…
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Icon Qcon Pro


Review: The Icon Qcon Pro is a control surface designed to control most modern DAWs. The unit is made of metal and rubber, which gives it a solid and rugged feel. It features 8 full-length touch-sensitive flying faders + master fader, a long backlit display that extends across all channels,…
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