Mixing & Mastering Service

Get a Professional Sound for your Music

Mixing & Mastering starts at £159 for up to 24 channels
2 revisions included in the price
7-10 business days turnaround, or 2-day Rush Service


Our work is copyright free. No strings attached
Your music is kept 100% confidential
Simple 3-steps process: order, upload, get your finished master
We're Apple Certified MFiT Providers




Audio mixing means combining multiple channels (bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keyboards etc.) into a stereo file. Professional mixing that meets the quality standards of major record labels requires deep knowledge of techniques, vast experience, great musical taste, as well as expensive equipment and acoustically treated rooms. From our Central London studios, the Doctor Mix team delivers world-class mixes to artists and labels worldwide since 2006. We have the knowledge, the gear and the passion necessary to make your music sound great.


  • First export your mix leaving all plugins on and save it in a folder on your computer
  • Remove all compressors, EQs and whatever plugin you used for mixing purposes and export your session as individual audio files. Here are our video tutorials on how to how correctly on: Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase and Reaper.
  • Remember to make sure the channels don't clip. If necessary pull the faders down.
  • Export your files and put them in the folder.
  • Count the files in your folder place your order for the appropriate Mixing & Mastering package (e.g. 22 files = Mix & Mastering 24 package, 35 files = Mix & Mastering 48 package).
  • Compress the folder into a .zip file, log into your Doctor Mix account and upload the .zip file
  • Within 7-10 business days (2 business days as Rush Service) you'll receive your mastered file
  • If you want changes to the sound log into your account and send us a List Of Tweaks. 2 revisions are always included.
* Calls cost 5p per minute plus your telephone company's network access charge