Thermionic Culture The Swift EQ

The Swift SQ

Here’s the incredible The Swift Equaliser by Thermionic Culture. Full article coming soon! In the meantime enjoy these pictures 🙂   Find out more about The Swift on the manufacturer’s web page.

Colour Coding A Mix Session

Colour Coding A Mix Session

Most DAWs nowadays offer the possibility of customising your track colours. Choose the same colour for the channel and the audio clips in it, so that you can easily scroll through the arrangement always knowing where you are. A good choice of colours makes your session more intuitive and pleasing…
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Mixing And Mastering With Tape

Studer A80 Tape Recorder

The sound of tape is probably the most distinctive feature of most music recorded up until the late 80’s, when digital multi-track recorders were first introduced. Although digital recorders have great advantages, like low noise and distortion, they still can’t reproduce the beautiful texture of tape. In response to that…
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Podcast 008 Mastering Demystified

Doctor Mix Podcast Episode 8

What is Mastering? How is it done? On episode 8 of our podcast we explain all about it: corrective EQ, compression, enhancement, saturation, limiting, loudness, M+S techniques, iTunes compatibility. More podcasts about Mixing & Mastering on In Episode 8 you will learn about: – What is mastering. – Correcting…
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JDK R22 Stereo Compressor

JDK Compressor Square

The very rugged and striking looking JDK Stereo Compressor is based on the design of the very rare ATI Paragon mixing console (later known as API) and delivers a very strong sound; from subtle and transparent, to aggressive and personal. Unlike many VCA compressors this unit has completely separate sections for…
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Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone


Here is the Manley Reference Cardioid, an all tube condenser microphone, designed to be the successor of the ultra rare U47. It recreates the same smooth, clear and thick sound of the U47 but with all of the advantages of a modern build. The RefCard (as it’s often referred to)…
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